Hey y’all! I’m Haley Boykin. I’m a regular person just like you. I just happen to have a talent for making and decorating cookie cakes.


I worked for a big commercial kitchen that specializes in making cookie cakes for 6 years. The customers were always asking for a lighter, fluffier cookie and asking for delivery services, but the company I worked for did not listen.


So I did. I listened to everyday people. I built my company around real customers’ suggestions.


I started a home bakery making custom cookie cakes that offered delivery services in my last year of college at Lamar University in Southeast Texas. I got a few orders and I learned a lot about making good delivery systems and how different ingredients affect recipes. I was experimenting and trying to find my place in the market. As soon as I got in the groove, I closed shop because I graduated from Lamar University. My wife, Leanna, and I moved away from Southeast Texas looking to put my degree to work and searching for opportunities.

I finally landed a good government job in Austin, Texas. I made cookie cakes on the side for friends and family and for special events. We had our son Benjamin and life was good! After working for the Texas government for a year, I got the entrepreneurial “itch” again. I started my second home bakery in Austin, TX while working full time at the environmental agency for the State of Texas.


This time it’s different. I have a vision. I want to make everyday moms look like Brady Bunch moms. What do I mean? Florence Henderson (the Brady Bunch mom) was always juggling everything and carrying the weight of that huge family,  but managed it with grace and ease… Everyone knows that one mom that makes everything look so easy. Like they have it all together. I want to make your life that simple. I want to make you look like a Brady Bunch mom!


When you order with Haley’s Cookie Cakery, you get a super quick ordering and payment system. On the day of your special event, the cookie cake arrives on time and pre-sliced ready to serve. The baked good, the main staple of the party, that can be such a pain to plan and coordinate just arrives ready to go at your door step.

Contact me anytime here. Let’s brainstorm design ideas together. Let’s make your event perfect. Let’s make your life easier.

-Haley Boykin